Youtube to MP3 playlist converter

320Ytmp3 can help you convert playlists from sites like Youtube, Soundcloud, Dailymotion, Reddit, etc

Copy video playlist URL from browser or app, then insert into the entry field above here. Usually you can click on video's social Share button, it will have option to Copy Link.

How to download or convert to MP3 whole Youtube playlist?

Download Youtube video playlist to MP3 (or MP4)

320youtube is the right choice and the only choice if you want to convert to MP3 a whole playlist from Youtube, or any other site that does playlists, for that matter. We only need playlist URL, we do not support Youtube playlist search (only Yt video search on main page). We also support playlists from sites other than Youtube, like Soundcloud, Reddit or Instagram multi-video posts, Dailymotion or Vimeo playlists, etc. If there's a group of videos on some page - we will try to extract each video separately, or at least give you the choice which videos you want to download. Simply copy URL address of the page, and submit it to the form on top, - we'll take care of the rest. Even My Mix page from Youtube is a playlist, try copy and give us that, - we'll try to help.

FAQ - Questions & Answers

What is a right way to convert Youtube playlist to MP3?

  1. Find the playlist you need to download from, copy its URL address.
  2. Open 320youtube and submit form with playlist URL in it (hit Download).
  3. You'll see list of videos, find ones you want and download or convert to MP3.

What other video/audio formats are supported?

Besides MP3 and MP4, we also support WEBM, FLV, 3GP for video, M4A & OGG for audio.

Do you have use limits or restrictions?

No, no, feel free to use as much as you need, no limits or any restrictions..

Can I download Playlist on Android or iPhone?

Yes, it's same work process, need to copy playlist URL and insert into our search box, then hit Download and see the list of video. From there do what needs to be done to download or convert select few of the videos from the playlist.

Can you insert thumbnail as album art in MP3?

Yes, we can and we do where appropriate. If Youtube video has thumbnail only as WEBM file, no JPG - then we cannot as MP3 doesn't like WEBM for the Album Art.

Do FB, TW, IG playlists convert to MP3/MP4?

Yes, we can help convert video playlists or multi-video posts from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, Soundcloud, Reddit, Vimeo, Daily, and literally nearly 1000 sites. If it has sound - we can help isolate that into a separate MP3 or MP4.

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Web-app is truly the ultimate way of saving this website on your Windows computer or any Android device. It looks and feels like a normal app, just it's your favorite browser with our site in it, nothing else, nothing more. And thanks to that, our app will never ask to update, it is lightweight, almost zero footprint, just a terrific app to download Youtube videos to mp3 file format.

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This is a shortcut to use this site and avoid the step where you need to copy-paste video URL, if it cannot be found on Youtube. You gots to drag and drop it to your bookmarks first, then open video in browser, and hit the bookmark. It will instantly send you over here including the page URL address where you were (video page link), so you won't need to copy it and paste to our converter.